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Why do I need cold compresses after joint replacement?

Artificial joint replacement refers to the use of metal, high molecular polyethylene, ceramics and other materials to make artificial joint prostheses according to the shape, structure and function of human joints. Relieve joint pain and restore joint function.
Ice is an effective treatment for sports injuries and is increasingly used in joint replacements.
Ice compress and efficacy:
❶ Ice packs can constrict local capillaries, slow down blood flow, reduce capillary permeability, and reduce tissue fluid extravasation.
❷ Ice compress will cool down the local area, inhibit the local metabolism level after injury, reduce the accumulation of local inflammatory substances, and reduce the inflammatory reaction.
❶ It can reduce local tissue temperature, constrict blood vessels, reduce subcutaneous hemorrhage, reduce tissue swelling, and at the same time reduce the excitement of nerve endings, improve pain threshold, and achieve the effects of pain relief and swelling reduction.
After artificial joint replacement, inflammation often occurs around the joint. Ice compress can effectively reduce the inflammatory reaction and reduce bleeding. It can also prevent swelling and reduce pain value. Using ice compress after surgery can also prevent acute injury or functional training. Addition of injuries to promote functional exercise.
Under normal circumstances, the inflammatory reaction after joint replacement will last for 2-3 months, so it is recommended to use cold compress within 3 months after joint replacement. (This is just a suggestion. The specific cold compress time depends on the individual’s physical condition and recovery situation and listen to the doctor’s arrangement.)
● Excessive or inappropriate ice application may cause local frostbite.
● Traditional ice packs such as ice packs and ice towels require long preparation times, complicated operations, and uncontrollable temperature, making it difficult to achieve the best therapeutic effect.
CRYOPUSH medical cold compress is a simple-to-operate device that provides high-efficiency compression and cold therapy for different affected areas for postoperative and soft tissue injury patients through the use of ice-water mixed circulating pulse compression.

Post time: May-06-2022