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What should I do if the wound accidentally gets wet with water?

Every time you are injured, after the wound is treated, the doctor will say “the wound should not touch water”. Isn’t there water in the normal saline and iodine that can wash and disinfect the wound?

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It’s not that the wound can’t touch water, it’s that the wound can’t touch bacteria.
Water is generally not pure water, and the “resistance” of the wound is weak. Water containing a certain flora will cause “external stimulation” to the wound, easily causing unnecessary immune responses and adverse wound healing.
When the wound heals, it needs to be dry and scabbed. If the wound gets wet, it will disturb the osmotic pressure and pH value around the cells at the wound site, directly damage the damaged tissue cells, interfere with the tissue repair process, and thus “drag” the wound healing process. speed.
Principles of the new “wound healing concept” wound management
1. Keep the wound clean
2. Prevention and control of infection
3. Keep the wound clean
The new waterproof cast cover from CRYOPUSH is the perfect solution to these problems.
Our waterproof cast cover are professionally waterproof, non-allergic, simple and safe to use, help keep wounds from getting wet, maintain a safe environment, and assist in quick recovery.

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Post time: Jul-06-2022