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Orthopedic Postoperative Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation after orthopedic surgery is generally based on cold therapy, which has the effects of analgesia and anti-inflammation. The first stage: Acute inflammation stage, cold therapy lasts for a long time, and continuous cold therapy is required for 4/8 hours each time, with moderate pressure Cold therapy, which can lower the temperature of the subcutaneous tissue and reduce blood flow.

The second stage: tissue regeneration stage, activate the quadriceps femoris, and do coordination training of the limbs, and the assistance of the cold therapy brace can be used.

The third stage: the functional remodeling stage, the range of motion of the joints returns to normal, and the motor function (coordination/strength) returns to normal.

Cold compresses are very common in rehabilitation after orthopedic surgery, and the use of cold compresses generally reaches 0-8 weeks, so Chengdu CRYOPUSH Medical Co., Ltd. has launched this small cold therapy machine, so that everyone can afford it orthopedic postoperative cold therapy machine.


Post time: Dec-21-2022