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Nursing cover of new material – more durable and waterproof

CRYO PUSH has released a new nursing cover. Compared with the other two models on the market, this nursing cover has been greatly improved in terms of comfort, applicability and water resistance. Compared with nursing sleeves with rings, the arm part is easy to use and can be worn with one hand without the assistance of two hands; compared with neoprene and fabric nursing sleeves, the ring part is more durable , and the sealing and waterproof performance is better. The neoprene and cloth nursing cover will get wet after use, so it needs to be dried after use, but the new nursing cover uses a silicone sheet, which is softer and After use, you only need to dry it with a paper towel, which is waterproof and convenient;

The part of the sleeve body is made of PVC film, which is resistant to high temperature, pulls, has good sealing performance, and has a long service life. It can effectively protect the wound and avoid wound infection when taking a bath.

Post time: Nov-25-2022