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Kay van Dijk

Kay Van Dijk has been competing since he was 5 years old. He says he will play volleyball for 30 years.  His professional goal is to win at the highest level.  Kay has won many championship titles, including

Kay has a strong belief, every day to step up training hard, continuous improvement, constantly learning.  He likes to use the ice compress system to help him recover quickly from injury or fatigue during hard training or after intense competition.  He said it felt great!

Honorary Award

2005 Topteams Cup 4th Athens; 2005 Best Scorer + Best Attacker Topteams Cup; 2007 Champion Belgium CUP; 2008 Champion Belgium League; 2008 Champion Belgium CUP; 2008 Silver CEV CUP Rome Italy; 2010 Champion Slovenian Cup; 2010 Champion Slovenian League; 2010 Champion MEVZA; 2013 Champion A2 Italy Molfetta; 2016 Champion UAE Al Ain Club SG

Vito Dragic

Vito Dragic is from Slovenia.  Vetter began his sporting career in 1999 when he joined JK Impol at the age of five.  He was initially interested in other sports, such as basketball, but judo stayed with him.  In 2008, Vetter's career and life was turned upside down when he won a medal at the first international competition in Italy, thus also scoring enough points for him to finally win the BIH (U16) title.
Injuries have dogged Witter throughout his professional career.  When he was injured for the first time in high school, he was lucky enough to come into contact with physical rehabilitation and meet physical therapist Matej Cebokl. I was deeply impressed by their expertise in rehabilitation, so Witt decided to become a professional physical therapist as well.  Six years later, he successfully graduated from Alma Mater Europaea in physical therapy.  Victor loves our pulsed-cycle cold compresses and uses them immediately after training or injuries.  
"No matter what, judo has made me who I am.  He shaped me on a physical and mental level, launched me into my dream career, and made friendships and connections with great people in many fields around the world.  I am deeply grateful for all of this, and I do not mean any MEDALS or honors."


Honorary Award

2009 - European Cadet Championships U-17 - Men's + 90kg : 7th; 2012 - European Junior Championships U-20 - Men's Heavyweight +100 kg : 7th; 2014 - European Cup - Belgrado - Men's Heavyweight +100 kg : 2nd; 2015 - European Cup - Celje - Podcetrtek - Men's Heavyweight +100 kg : 3rd; 2015 - Men's Continental Open - Taipei - Men's Heavyweight +100 kg : 3rd; 2015 - European Cup - Bratislava - Men's Heavyweight +100 kg : 2nd; 2015 - European Cup - Belgrado - Men's Heavyweight +100 kg : 3rd; 2015 - European Cup - Dubrovnik - Men's Heavyweight +100 kg : 2nd; 2015 - European Championships U-23 - Men's Heavyweight +100 kg : 5th; 2016 - European Cup - Sarajevo - Men's Heavyweight +100 kg :  1st; 2016 - Grand Prix - Zagreb - Men's Heavyweight +100 kg : 5th; 2016 - Men's Continental Open - Glasgow - Men's Heavyweight +100 kg : 3rd; 2017 - Men's Continental Open - Tunis - Men's Heavyweight +100 kg : 3rd; 2018 - Grand Prix - Agadir - Men's Heavyweight +100 kg : 7th; 2019 - European Cup - Celje - Podcetrtek - Men's Heavyweight +100 kg :  1st; 2019 - Grand Prix - Budapest - Men's Heavyweight +100 kg : 7th; 2020 - European Cup - Dubrovnik - Men's Heavyweight +100 kg : 2nd