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Cold compression therapy system Equipment rehabilitation with hand

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EVERCRYO Knee Physiotherapy Machine Cryo Cuff Knee Cold Therapy System integrated cold and compression function to reduce pain and swelling from a sports or activity injury to soft tissues and recommended by orthopedic surgeons following surgery. The Cryo Cuff Knee Cold Therapy System provides both gravity and motorized cold and compression therapy for flexibility of care. The optional pneumatic pump provides automated cold and compression therapy, with simplicity of design and ease-of- use operation.

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hand cuff

Wrist capsule

Anatomically designed to completely fit the body providing maximum cryotherapy The upgraded cuff added edge binding and use new material, which make it more comfortable, durable and easy to clean.

hand cooler ice pack

Product Features

1. The cold therapy system combine cold and compression therapy all in one
2. Two kinds of cold and compression therapy ways: gravity and motorized for flexibility of care
3. An Optional pneumatic pump provides automated compression and cyclically cold therapy

hand cryo cuff cooler

Product Application

cryo cuff features

Main components are cooler and cuff, one cooler can use together with different models' cuff. there are 10 different cuffs for each body part

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Operating principle

The cooler is filled with water and ice and the cuff is placed on the injured part. Elevating the cooler forces cold water flow into the cuff and compresses the injured part. The higher the cooler is elevated above the injured part the more water will flow in to the cuff. (or use electronic circulation system to pump ice water into cuff automatically and circularly)
Clean & Storage:
When you are not using the cuff and cooler, you need to drain all the water out of the cuff, tubes, and the cooler.
1. Connect the tubes and drain the cuff into the cooler.
2. Take the tubes apart at the metal tab. Lift the cuff tube up while pressing on the metal tab to drain out any water in the tube.
3. Drain the water out of the cooler. Lift the tube on the cooler to drain the water out of it.
4. Leave the cover off the cooler unit to let it dry.
Special Notes:
1. Check the skin under the cuff to be sure it is not damaged by the cold.
2. Do not raise the cooler higher than 15 inches above the cuff because it may cause too much pressure in the cuff.
3. If you have any increase in pain, numbness or tingling of the arm, check that the cuff is not too tight, or too full. If you adjust the cuff,  and the pain, numbness or tingling do not ease, call your doctor.

Packaging & Shipping

Packing list

1 pcs cooler+10 different models' cuff+1 pcs circulation system


valve bag for each cuff and cooler, paper box for circulation system, then all packed in a carton

Carton size: 61.5*33.4*33cm, 6.2kgs

Lead time

3~7 working days for sample, 15~35 working days for bulk order

Shipping method

By air, by sea or express according to customers' requirements

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