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Cold Compression Ice Pack Injury Wrap Knee Sleeve

Short Description:

The Cryopush gel sleeve features flexible uses and multi functions, it is to bring as much convenience as possible to athletes, workout enthusiasts, home care users etc for faster recovery. The gel sleeve can be used as cold therapy or heat therapy with the help of a freezer or a microwave; its high performance gel formula ensures long-lasting cold or heat; Each sleeve suits different body parts with high elasticity, you can just stretch it to fit required area and then move freely., stomach cold, hand and foot paralysis.

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Product Description


Nylon & Gel & PVC

Gel weight

400 g


Blue and Black or Customize color

Gross Weight

0.87 KG/PC


Minimizes hemarthrosis, swelling and pain

Product Applications


Product Features

*Easy-to-use operation for clinic and home care, no danger of tissue damage and can be reused.
*Improved the patient's compliance and tolerance, especially for elder patients.
*widely used in clinical, it can be used for hot and cold therapy.
*The use of more secure and convenient for hospital, school, sports teams and so on.
*Easy to use: store in the freezer approximately 60-90 minutes, then the wrap can be used.

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